Chronic Lyme Warrior, Nora Claire on Parasite Cleansing

chronic Lyme warrior nora claire

Nora Claire is a chronic Lyme warrior, and she shared how she has been treating her Lyme. Nora was diagnosed four to five years ago and from the beginning, her treatments have not been based off western-medicine. She does different treatments to help treat Lyme and has done milk cleanses, parasite cleanses, IV treatments, and more. Now Nora feels that she is at 94% on her Lyme disease journey. 

Milk Cleanse, Parasite and Mold Detoxing

You may be wondering what some of these cleanses and detoxing entail, Nora gave amazing insights on what the milk cleanse does for you and how it works. The milk attracts the parasites, they then come out to feed on the milk the cleanse hits them with anti-parasitic herbs which excrete the parasites from the body. After the 8 days of milk cleansing, you go to 14 days of clean eating which involves no dairy, no sugar. This helps you in your treatment and helps cleanse your body. She has also done metal detoxing as she was impacted by metal being all around. In order to address this, she went to two different doctors that provided IV chelation treatments. 

What advice does Nora have for other Chronic Lyme Warriors to do from home:

  • Start your detoxification process of the liver and kidneys.
  • Change your diet and lifestyle. 
  • Increase sweating so you can go to a sauna or working out.
  • Look into inexpensive herbs to kickstart detoxification. 
  • Do research, it really likes taking things into your own hands.
  • Look into Harmonic Healing by Dr. Linda Lancaster.
  • Establish goals you can hit. Make these goals achievable from the beginning. 

Nora recommends testing for mold, metals, and treat for parasites. Lastly, she finds that emotional and spiritual work is very helpful especially if you’re suffering from a chronic illness. 

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