Christa Nannos and Her New Lyme Book

Christa Nannos, Author of Tick Tock Lyme O’Clock and Previous Lyme360+ Guest

In your Lyme Disease journey did you ever wish you had something to help you sooner on your journey? 

Christa Nannos felt the same way, she wrote a book that is made to help someone anywhere in their Lyme journey. Her book is called, Tick Tock, It’s LYME O’clock: A Warrior’s Guide To Reclaiming Health & Happiness. In her book, she makes it easy for people to understand treatments, navigate the medical journey, help people forward even when they are sick, and more. In her book, she does give her opinions but also writes about many other treatments that will help people with Lyme. With these treatments, she does talk about western and eastern medical routes. In order to help people even more she provides the order of operations when having Lyme such as drainage, detoxing, and more. She also wrote a section for people who don’t have Lyme Disease because they have family and friends who have Lyme. 

Christa also launched a new coaching business that guides people on their healing journey. She gets to practice what she preaches. It’s also important to remember that Christa is not a doctor, so this advice should not be used as a protocol, it is from her own experience and what has worked for her. Christa’s book is available on Amazon where it debuted at #1, make sure to check out her book! 

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