How Emotions Can Help Uncover the Cause of Chronic Illness

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Anna Mintz a Certified Emotional Eode Practitioner

Anna Mintz a Certified Emotional Eode Practitioner

Today’s guest is Anna Mintz. And she’s a certified emotional code practitioner, and the host of a heal show out of San Diego. If you are still struggling with Lyme, and you can’t figure out how to get better. And then you have not tried emotion code work, this may be the podcast for you. A short session with Anna can help you with issues that have not been resolved.

To get my detox for Lyme checklist, go to Anna, thank you so much for coming on today. I’m excited to have you on, because we haven’t ever really talked about emotion code practitioners on the podcast, and you just recently did a reading for me. So I really want everyone to hear about all the wonderful things you’re doing, and specifically your show. Talk about that. So thank you so much for coming on.

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How She Got Started

Anna: Oh, my pleasure. It was so great meeting you when I did. I love working with people. So I’m a certified emotion code practitioner. And let me tell you before I got into that, I had a foundation in health, to begin with. So I am a health consultant, but I realized it’s not enough to just tell people, “Take an enzyme for your digestive system, and that’ll cure it all. And eat this and have this smoothie.” Because everyone’s got a different body and can absorb things differently and digest things differently. It’s just not one thing for everyone. So what I loved was, after I graduated with Total Health Mastery. I love that modality, that I started within our noble brand, which is how I met you, was through Mr. Goran, let’s say, Arnoux. So he taught us all the basics and it was beautiful.

I needed that for where I am now. I ended up realizing I need to get to the root cause of why are these people having a digestive issue, and why are they having sleep disorders, and all that other stuff. So that’s where the emotion code came in, because it’s through Dr. Bradley Nelson, and he taught us to tap into the subconscious. So let me tell you what the subconscious… How powerful it is. If you’re on a computer, you have a hard drive and it stores everything. Your subconscious stores everything. It knows how you felt in your mother’s womb. It knows how you felt many lives ago. Although people don’t always believe in past lives, but believe me, they exist. I’ve had lots of other healers that when we swap services, they all found the same negative past life in me 400 years ago.

And I found some in them. And they affect us now. I don’t know why, but they do. So there are 60 emotions, they’re over here. They are literally buried and stored in your subconscious. Your subconscious even knows the order that they’re in. And it doesn’t matter if they’re in English. I’ve worked on people that live across the world, speak different languages. They don’t even know what anxiety means in English, but their subconscious does. So it’s enough that I can have them tell me what it is that I need to remove. After I find what emotion is affecting them, depending on what their issue is, it could be sleep. It could be a physical pain. And how do I detect it? I detect it with a little pendulum. Why a pendulum? Because some people do with kinesthesiology, when they tell you, put your arm out.

“So believe it or not, your fingertips are magnets too. “

Anna: I find that when I go into intensive care units in the hospital, and they’re in a coma. They cannot take out their arm and go like this and jiggle it for me. So this pendant works magically for me. And I don’t want to say magic, because this is not magical work. But it works very powerfully for me. It gives me the exact answers I need. And I just ask, yes, no questions. I get the answer. And then I use my magnets. If they’re in a coma, I will use it over myself, and I will be the surrogate for them. So believe it or not, your fingertips are magnets too. So if I didn’t have this magnet, and it could be any size, they can even be the ones that you have in the back of your fridge. You know how sometimes you post things up and they got a magnet.

Well, this is the one I use. It’s like a little cylinder. And I become the surrogate for, let’s say, Mimi, like I did last time. Because you didn’t live where I live. So I say, ‘On behalf of Mimi, I will be her surrogate. Let the divine help us to remove anxiety.” And it could be a trapped emotion. It could be a heart wall. It could be an old inheritance, and it could be a spiritual entity. I will take the magnet. I just find what emotion it is. And I just run it over the Governing Meridian. That’s a very powerful meridian right there. It goes right over. I run it three times. I say, “Removing the trapped emotion of anxiety on behalf of Mimi.” Out it goes. Now, when you take a negative thing out, you got a gap there. You got to fill it up. So, what are we going to fill anxiety up with?

We’re going to fill it with… Well, what’s the opposite of anxiety? Calm, serenity, peace, harmony. Right? So we replace it with those words, and out it goes. Then I pause. I check. Didn’t get removed. Sometimes the emotion is so deep that I can’t remove it. And I had a woman that I worked on one time, she was the keynote speaker in a festival that I was at. And she saw me out in the lobby. She heard what I do. She said, “Can you give me a free, quick trial on this? I have Crohn’s.” I said, “Oh, my. Okay.” So we sat her down. She had terror that would not go. It wouldn’t go, and it wouldn’t go. And I said, “What are you holding onto?” Usually I don’t have people relive their story and tell me, because I don’t really need to know what to do this work.

But she had terror, believe it or not, from a Sultan in Persia that molested her. And I said, “Sultan? I didn’t even know existed.” So we removed that. Now the reason I’m telling you this story, first of all, I keep everything confidential. I never use anybody’s names, but she wanted her name to be known, so much so that she is on my website under live testimonials, with Crohn’s, Robin. She wants this story to be known, because we’ve literally reversed it. I had to go deeper, get rid of the terror that she won’t let go of. So I took it back a little bit. Get rid of that. Now she’s open to having release. And now I can move forward, but I have to go back a few steps to see why are you not releasing. Because that’s a question in itself.

” 85% of any ailment you have, and that includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual even, is emotionally related.”

Anna: It’s all about the questions. I have to know what questions to ask for anything. So, if we were to talk about some of the things that I helped in people, there are people that had suicidal thoughts, lots of them. In fact, a lot during COVID. I had a lot of young kids that, during COVID came to see me. And a lot of those thoughts that they had were, believe it or not, from old inheritance. They had parents that were so depressed, that the kids picked it up in womb. And Jake is one of them. In fact, go watch that one. Two or three times we did videos with Jake. He was my first one that came on with suicidal thoughts. And he wanted the world to know, guys stop thinking that way, there’s help out there. And it’s not always you. Don’t run for medication. It’s not the answer every time. Okay? I don’t think it’s the answer anytime, but because there are so many things to look for first.

So in a nutshell, 85% of any ailment you have, and that includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual even, is emotionally related. Including cancer. Lots of people have cancer. I’ve shrunk tumors, that someone wanted to go to chemo, she came in with this big lump in her inner thigh. We shrunk it in three days. All the emotional, there was nothing left for me to do. This is a really good thing to know. Let’s say, I remove all the emotions related to the issue that you came with. And I say, “Well, it’s still showing up that you have it.” Then what do I do? I go into the body code. The body code is the last 15% of all six imbalances in the body. And here’s what it includes. And this is where, Mimi, you came in. Pathogens, we go into parasites, bacteria, mold, viruses. Okay?

Going Into The Body Code

Mimi: Which is interesting, because that’s why I’m not getting better.

Anna: Yes. So, with you, we got rid of all the emotions I could find, but you do have the imbalances in the other six. And so for Lymes, for example. Let’s talk about the Lymes one. There’s a gene called the HLA-DR, Dr. Gene. You had that. Yours was really down, and I brought it to a hundred. So, that means it’s stronger. It takes time for it to remain strong. You may have new layers of other stuff that still come in spurts, that need to be worked on. But whatever is gone when I do a session is gone permanently. That means the layers you had that showed up that day, were there that day, and gone. If new things come up, and they could and they very oftently do. Because you’ve got years and years that you live, not just this lifetime, but past lifetimes, right?

And your old inheritance from your family. So there’s always stuff. And we just got to keep peeling it. Visualize an onion and boom, boom, boom. Till we get to the core of that onion. So that’s one thing, with Lymes and with cancer, and many auto-immunes. I check mold, mercury, aluminum, there’s something called Babesia Bartonella. All of those things are different types of Lymes. Mycoplasma, you had mycoplasma. Okay. Lots of people do when they have this. So you got to ask yourself, if we’re out in a big field and we’re going hiking. And there’s Lymes out there, let’s say. Why did they jump on you, and not on the person that you’re hiking with? Because you have that gene that was weak, as well as other stuff that is just not strong in your immune. And my goal is to get it, to see what percentage it starts as.

I always like to work with percentages. And then chisel, chisel chisel, until it reaches 100. All right. And I go deep. I will check your hippocampus, your hypothalamus, your thyroid, digestive track, SIBO. So many people have SIBO. It stands for the small intestinal bacteria… Parasites, virus, all that stuff we talked about. Oxygen level. Now here’s the thing. A lot of people that have cancer and auto-immune disorders, their liver’s shut. They have got such a toxic liver that… Some of them say, “A liver? Well, I didn’t know I had a liver. What does it do for the body?” What does it do? It filters your body. Same when you have a car, and you have a filter in the car and you change it, why wouldn’t you change the one in your body and clean it out? And there’s ways to do it. Many people don’t like to try a coffee enema. It doesn’t sound fun. But honestly, when that coffee… and I had people tell me, “Oh, but I’m sensitive to coffee. It’s very stimulating.” Well, guess what? You don’t drink it. It goes up the other way. Okay.

Mimi: Yeah. Exactly.

Anna: It goes straight to the liver. There’s something about it, that it knows its direction. It will suck out… Let me tell you a little secret, there’s places in Florida and all around the world that have cancer treatment places. The first thing they do is put you on wheat grass, and then start cleaning up that liver. That’s what I love about Arnoux Goran. He taught us this, and this was a very basic foundation. Toxicity, what do you do? You take out the bad and put in the good. That’s all that the body takes. Your body is fighting a disease, which means your body is not at ease. It’s giving you signals. So it’ll give it to you through cancer. It’ll give it to you through a Lymes gene that’s very weak. It’ll give it to you through acne, whatever. It’s speaking, it’s shouting to you. Going, “Help me, help me. Something’s wrong. Red flag.” So it’s not the symptom, it’s what’s behind it. What is the root of that? That’s what I’m all about. Getting to, why are you able to hike and get Lymes and someone else doesn’t, so that’s what we want to find out.

“It’s not about the symptom, it’s what’s behind it. What is the root of that?”

Mimi: So I have a question, as you just sussed up. For example, when my mycoplasma comes up, so is that because I have it. And it’s not going away, because I have an emotional issue that’s causing it for it to start hold on.

Anna: The first thing that I would check is the emotions, always. Because that’s the first thing that shows up. Every single time, I do anybody, anything they have, they’re always going to have emotions related to it. Always. Then that will stop. And then what’s left is the body code. That’s when I go into the six imbalances. So yes, you did have emotions related to it. Something was making you weak emotionally, that caused you to have susceptibility for mycoplasma, susceptibility to catch Lymes, susceptibility to have cancer cells. Do you know that we all have cancer cells? Every one of us does.

Mimi: Yep. And then it just gets triggered or it doesn’t, or it gets wiped out.

Anna: Exactly.

Mimi: When you talk about the body code. So if I come up with mycoplasma, what do you do? Are you clearing it? Or are you telling me I need to do something else to clear it, like supplements or…

Anna: Okay. So it’s a bit of both. I noticed this, even with mold. If someone has mold in their house and I’ve detected it, because one lady did not believe me. I told her, I said, “Your daughter has cancer. And I’m finding mold… And if I remove the emotions, I’m finding mold. Well, sure enough. A month later she sent me the ugliest picture ever. And it was mold underneath her daughter’s rug. So yes, it’s a bit of both. It starts with the emotions, which I did have to remove. And then there’s going to be something in the body code if it continues. So mycoplasma, if it did not go away emotionally, there is stuff you’re going to have to do and take. And supplements, I’m big on that. But supplements are not forever. They’re supplements. They’re temporary. They’re supplementing something that you don’t have enough of in your body. But please know that you do not need to lean on them for the rest of your life. And you should start to take breaks from them, and wean off them as needed. So for example, I test three categories. The first one I’m going to test for is needing it. I will see does your body, percentage wise, need it. If it needs it, and if you’re in a product situation, it probably will need it. How long will you need it for? I will test you on-goingly, I’ll say, “You know what? Your subconscious is telling me.” And again, subconscious is telling me. Not me, I don’t guess nothing. Your body knows how long it wants to go for that. So I will test you, and the bottle, because sometimes that bottle alone may not be potent.

“Supplements are not forever. They’re supplements. They’re temporary.”

Anna: So I’ll see if that bottle is good for you. And then we’ll go from needing it, slowly weaning off to wanting it. Okay. Then wanting, you’ll stay on that for a while. And the goal is to get to benefit. Benefit is like, your body benefits, but it could take it or leave it. It’s strong enough now. If you take it great, if you don’t, you can miss a day or two. It’s not the end of the world. So those are the things I like to test on all my clients, because people can just spend a fortune buying and taking vitamin C, and vitamin D3, and they’re peeing it out at the end. That’s all that happens. Your body just gets overloaded with it, and it can get toxic too. You don’t want to take spirulina, as great as it is, forever.

And people think, “But it’s spirulina, it’s good”. Yes, it’s good. But it’s temporarily good. Your body is strong enough. It is. It’s meant to be strong. It’s meant to have healthy cells. It’s meant to fight off diseases. It’s not meant to lean on it, but we’re bombarded by several things. Stress, we’re bombarded by our lifestyle, we’re bombarded even more now with COVID, and depression kicking in, and losing our jobs. Oh man, do people need supplements now. And I’m very big on the COVID supplements, which would be Nucleo Immune, which Premier Research Lab now has out. And they’re an advocate for that right now, they’re saying Nucleo Immune is the deal. That vitamin D3, K2, they have the combo, which I love. And microbiome. I think everybody needs a good flora in their body and their gut. They’ve got to keep that gut healthy.

Otherwise, here’s the deal. If your liver cannot absorb what you’re giving it, you’re wasting your money and your time taking anything. It’s got to be clean, because it’s like a clogged up sink, and you’re putting all this stuff in it and it’s just clogged. So you’re giving your body all these great supplements, but is it absorbing it? How can it, your liver’s shot? Your liver’s dirty, clean that out, let it flow. Let the nutrients be able to absorb. Get the emotions out of the way that are, again, blocking you. So it’s like, if you’re in the beach, you see the water go on the rocks. The water should flow over the rocks. You should not have obstacles stopping your body from functioning and from moving. So, that’s what I basically strive out on that. And…

Working with Anna

Mimi: So to work with you, you obviously don’t have to be in California. People can do it virtually.

Anna: Yes.

Mimi: Talk about that a little bit. Obviously I know how to do it, because I went through it with you, but can you just tell people about what I would need to give or do, in order for you to do it virtually?

Anna: The best part about this is, I didn’t know that I can even do it virtually. I actually doubted myself. I honestly did. I’ll be honest with you, as much as I have confidence in this work, in this modality. When I was told it’s COVID, and you’re going to have people that want your help in Australia. I’m like, “Are you kidding?” So I didn’t even charge them, because I didn’t trust myself. But then they started emailing me back, “Oh, my digestive is working again.” And “I just slept last night for the first time.” And I guess what it’s all about is energy. The energy of the universe. We are all connected with the same energy and I get it now, boy, do I get it. I understand.

“All I need from the person is to text me their picture because I have to pick up the energy of that person.”

And I understand that I can use myself as a surrogate for people. And it’s very important that I label myself as a surrogate, because I knew a lady who taught me this. This is why I didn’t want to do it remotely, because she forgot to take herself out of that person’s body. And I didn’t understand that. And then after a while she said, when she left, she forgot to say, “I am myself.” Whoever she was, again. And she started feeling the same pains that were still lingering in that other person. I thought, “Oh, I’m not doing that.” But now other practitioners told me, “No, you have to just be that person’s surrogate. And you say their name. And then you remove them out of your energy field and become Anna again.” I’m like, “Oh, I can do that.” So I tried it. It works very well.

All I need from the person is to text me their picture because I have to pick up the energy of that person. And I like to use their picture, and then their email so that I can email them the report. I will always email a very nice report, even if you’re getting a free 15 minute session, which I offer, I will tell you what percentages you’re at. So if you tell me. And I always invite people to give me two or three issues, is it sleep, digestion and a physical pain, let’s say. Your subconscious will tell me which one to do, and in what order. So I’ll ask, I’ll say, “This is…” Let’s say, Mimi. “This is Mimi, and Mimi wants to work on her shoulder.” It’ll say, “Nope. Mimi wants to work on her sleep issues.” Okay. So sleep issues it is. So we bumped that up to the top. That doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore the other ones, but here’s the really neat thing about it. Sometimes when I remove the most dominating one, even though you didn’t want me to work on that one first, but your subconscious did, the other ones will get erased. And the other ones be less of a high percentage, because some emotions overlapped on some of the other things that were affecting you. So we just wash them out. And now you have less to work on that day. The other thing that I do for people is abundance. And abundance… Oh, this one… People that are losing their jobs or are just struggling in life, or lost their business or whatever. That’s the one they’re going to want to do, because it’s a two page questionnaire and I go through it like a fine tooth comb. It was literally a software from the body code that we have to get.

But there are specific questions that is blocking you from the universe, showering you with all the things that you’re entitled to. Do you know that the universe is actually wanting to give you things, but the subconscious just has it blocked, could have been there against money. Whatever it is. Entities even sometimes can block it, all kinds of stuff. Sometimes they don’t deserve to have money. They feel unworthy of asking people, “Pay me for my service.” So, that’s a block. It’s got to go. So I go through it, I remove it as we see it. And then my goal is to see what percentage you start at, and get you to 100, at the end of that two-page questionnaire.

So the results of some of that. Well, I had a guy who literally won a court case. He was losing, losing, losing to his family members. At the end of that session, he won, he won the case and the money that he lost from the other cases. They repaid him with that. That same guy, oh, he had a lot of stuff. He got a better job. It’s funny because Dr. Bradley Nelson loved that story of that one guy. And he asked me to go in his book with that specific testimonial that I’m sharing with you, because it was so powerful. I remember he told me he even went to get his car fixed and he didn’t have money. And the guy said, “You know what? Just pay the belt and I’ll do this service for free.” Well, he came back, he was like, “The whole universe is just helping me from every direction. I said, “Yeah, that’s what it’s meant to do.”

Mimi: Sure. That’s amazing. Tell us about your show.

San Diego’s Only Live Health Talk Show

Anna: I produced and host the only live health talk show in San Diego. and the reason is, I realized that there’s a lot of people sick. And they’re just Googling information on the internet, listening to some summits… I thought, “You know what?” I was a teacher and a principal in a school, and I believe teaching should be made in the funniest way possible. I think people learn better when you teach them in a creative way, you tap into their five senses, and they’re not just reading and listening to summits all day long. So I decided I’m going to put a show together. And I got myself a cohost and a producer. Well, I’m the producer, but I got people to help me with the co-hosting and the guest speaking of it. I always find amazing guest speakers to come on, and relate it to the topics, of course.

So the past shows we’ve done. One was on the emotion codes, if you go on the first show, you’ll actually see everything I’m talking about on the emotion code. Right at the beginning in a PowerPoint presentation, a lot more detailed than what I’m talking to you about now. The second half of that is super powerful. And I put him right at the beginning, Corey Hillis talks about EMF and the solutions. We are now… Literally, it’s called a silent killer, and we’re on our computers all day long. More so than ever, because there’s COVID and we do not face to face. Right?

Mimi: Pushed on little kids, these little bodies that are in front of the computers all day, it’s awful.

Anna: We’re them, online. Yeah. And so their parent probably has no clue of the blue light that’s coming out, the EMS, the electric magnetic frequencies floating out. So what does that do? It ruins their brain. Literally they get brain fog, sleep at the end. A lot of people have sleep issues, because they sleep with their phone, right near their bed. And the other people that are kids, they put their phone in their pockets near their reproductive organs. God help them with sperms when they need it later. And the women with their eggs later. It’s damaging. That’s why they say it’s a silent killer. You’d never know that that phone, which is not even that big. Okay. Some are. Mine is little.

Mimi: Causes so many problems. And then no one is talking about… It’s the 21st-century cigarette.

Anna: Oh God. Yes. What a great way to put it. Yes. And now the 5G. Oh, the 5G. And what’s funny, they offered my son a new phone yesterday. They said, “Oh, we can upgrade it to the 5G.” I go, “That’s the last thing you’re getting.” And he goes, “But mom…” That’s the point. The faster it is, the faster your brain’s going to go.

Mimi: I know. So where do we find your show?

Anna: Just go on and healthy with a Y, So those are the two first shows. We also did one on the blue mind, which is really good because people don’t realize when they stare at the ocean, and be anywhere near water or immersed in water, how powerful that is. So we had, I think, four guest speakers on that one. And the guy ended it with a beautiful meditation at the end. That was a really good show. But the ones I emphasize are… The auto-immune is also excellent. Boosting your immune PowerPoints, on all of them at the beginning. And the guest speakers for.

Mimi: That’s great for the Lyme then.

Anna: Yeah. You want to see that one. And I did that one in dedication to my dad because he passed away of cancer. And I couldn’t stop. He found out really late. They misdiagnosed him completely, and I don’t live with him.

Mimi: Oh. I’m sorry.

Anna: Thank you. I don’t live with him, but I dedicated that show to him, and there’s just so much good stuff. And he wanted me to tell people what not to do because he ate incredibly bad. He knows that he wanted to die with a french fry in his hand, and a Burger King, McDonald’s, or something in the other. And he was okay with that. And then I said, “Are you sure this is what you want?” And he goes, “You know what? It’s too late now.” And he just gave it up, but he said, “But share with people what not to do.” I said, “Okay, thank you. I will. And ill dedicate it to you.”

Mimi: Ah, that’s nice. It sounds like you’re doing so many great things and you’re helping so many people get better. Actually, the one thing we didn’t talk about is curses.

Anna: Oh God. Yeah. Oh my God. They’re out there. And curses, in a nutshell, people think is witchery. It’s not really witchery. What it is, is let’s say, you go into a public place and somebody stared at you, and you just didn’t a good vibe with them, or them with you. They’ll shoot something on you that it’s just like a thought, it’s thought of yucky energy that you don’t want. And some of them, if you know the person long enough, let’s say you worked with them, you had a bad business relationship or a bad relationship with someone you were going out with, and they can’t stand you still. They’ll place the curse, and they sometimes don’t even know they’re doing it. It’s their negative, wicked, wicked, wicked thoughts.

That’s the most important thing I would have to find in somebody who came to me with some hot out the disease of cancer or anything or just said, “My daughter just suddenly died on the table, and it was supposed to be a quick surgery.” I’m like, “Well, those things aren’t supposed to happen. Let me see why.” So there was a lady like that who actually, her daughter did die on the operating table. She was very young. She was only 40 years old. It was an older woman, and I invited her to come to my birthday. She said, “Oh no, I don’t go to any parties. I don’t go to any for five years. Since my daughter died, I don’t go anywhere.” I said, “For five years, you’ve been in this state of mind?” She said, “Yeah.” We removed that state of mind to make her real-life…But what I want to say is, her daughter had a curse. And that’s the first thing I did, is remove the curse. That’s still lingering on in this lady so that other people in her family don’t get hit by it. Her daughter, unfortunately, went that way. I hate to say it, but that’s what I found. But I got her mindset to be happier now, accept it. And she was at my party.

Mimi: Ah, that’s so great.

Anna: Yeah. Thank you. And curses are easy to remove by the way. It’s as simple as you tell me who you think could be in your life during that time. And when I pin down exactly the name, I remove it energetically. And I just say, “Shoo back out into light source.” That’s what we want with these curses. Shoo them out of your body, out of light source, and give you that beautiful energy feels that you deserve.

“Keep the mindset strong, know that that there is a solution to this.”

Mimi: Is there anything else that we should close with? Anything specifically for Lyme patients that we haven’t covered, that you would like to cover?

Anna: Just mainly keep the mindset strong, know that that there is a solution to this. There is, I believe it because I’ve seen it reverse. I’ve seen cancer reverse. I’ve seen Lymes reverse, and it’s just about switching the body… You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a great result. Okay. If it’s not working, to begin with, so something has got a jive, something’s got to change. And it’s mostly, again, take the bad out, put the good in. Find out what you’re sensitive to, speak to someone. If not me, another practitioner that can read the body and understand what are you sensitive to. You could be taking the best thing and be sensitive to it. And check the bottles. If you’re going to run to those stores and get a supplement, be knowledgeable in what to look for. Don’t get anything with magnesium steroids in the back. If you can help it. Try and get something that’s more in capsule form, because capsule absorbs and breaks down better and goes… The liquid is probably the best, it goes into the bloodstream just like that. The capsule would be my second on the list. And then the tablets, those are hard to break down. They’re hard. And pay attention, people run to Costco and they’re getting supplements from there. I’ve tested those. Believe me. I almost wanted to speak to the manager. But that’s why they’re cheap.

Mimi: The quality. Yeah. You have to make sure the quality is good because there are no regulations in the supplement industry.

Anna: Yes. I very much value Premium Research Lab, value them with top-notch… They’re my top, top. I have a laboratory of stuff there. And if anybody wants, I will give them a free link, and they can just order it themselves. And they deliver practically all over the world, I think at this point. So just email me or message me, say, “Please give me my free link.” Because they will not deal with customers directly.” I can tell you right now, they want to know you spoke to the practitioner. The practitioner gave you some guidance on what to get, what works for you. And that’s what I’m here to do for you guys. And then just at your own, when you know what you want, you’re on your own. From then on just order it, and it’ll go to your house. And you can always call me if you have questions either way.

Mimi: Thank you so much. Please, anybody who’s listening who has not done this, it is definitely worth it. She’s very thorough and is very thorough and you will definitely learn something about yourself.



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