Cathy Parbst-Accurso: Lyme Warrior and Physical Therapist

lyme warrior

Cathy Parbst-Accurso, Physical Therapist My Lyme journey probably started years ago without even knowing I was on it. I had previously experienced only crashes in my health that occurred every 4-5 years. Each one was getting a little worse than the previous one. It wasn’t until one of these “crashes” in October 2018 set my […]

Healthy Living Habits for Lyme Warriors with Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff

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Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, Environmental Consultant and Founder of Mommy Greenest After I had my first son, I started to focus on toxins and their impact on our health. Once I started researching, I couldn’t stop. At first, I was horrified and overwhelmed at how many environmental toxins sneak their way into our daily lives. Over […]

Heather Glo: Lyme Warrior and Fitness Guru

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Heather Glo, Fitness Guru Heather Glo is a Lyme Warrior and fitness guru. I met Heather at a Ride Out Lyme event in March, and I was so happy to reconnect with her on Instagram Live a few weeks ago to learn more about her healing journey. Heather is from Michigan and spent the summers […]

Lyme Literate MD On Her Integrative Medicine Approach

Lyme Literate MD

Dr. Dawn DeSylvia, Founder of The Center For Whole Health I love that Dr. Dawn Desylvia brings her knowledge from conventional medicine but takes it a step further and incorporates integrative and functional medicine. Dr. Dawn DeSylvia is a family doctor and founder of The Center for Whole Health, an integrative and functional medicine practice in […]

Healing Properties of CBD for Lyme-Caused Pain

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Stacy Verbiest is the Founder and CEO of W!nk I started using CBD to manage my pain and insomnia to give me the effects of marijuana without the high. This week on the Heal podcast, I sat down with Stacy Verbiest, the founder of W!nk, a CBD brand for women by women. W!nk offers tons of […]

Susan Zinn: Lyme Warrior + Mental Health Advocate

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In February 2009, I was bitten by what I thought was a spider leaving me with a massive bullseye bruise on the back of my leg. Six weeks following the bite, I started struggling to catch my breath, and I was rushed to the emergency room with a 103-degree fever. While in the hospital, the […]

Intuitive Healing for Lyme with Katie Beecher

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Katie Beecher is a Licensed Professional Counselor Katie Beecher is a Medical and Emotional Intuitive and Licensed Professional Counselor with over 30 years of experience and a Lyme Warrior. She believes that with connection to intuition, self-love, and self-acceptance, we can do anything, including heal. She has had documented success with Lyme disease, healing from […]

PEMF Therapy for Lyme

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Consider Getting A PEMF Mat For A Non-Invasive Modality My PEMF mat is one of my go-to at-home treatments for Lyme. It is considered one of the safe and non-invasive modalities to help with Lyme. PEMF therapy uses bursts of low-level electromagnetic radiation to heal damaged tissues and bones, alleviating pain, and can even help […]

Global Lyme Alliance with Scott Santarella

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Scott Santarella, CEO of Global Lyme Alliance Chronic Lyme can be a lonely disease. No one seems to understand what you are going through, it is debilitating, hard to diagnose, and treatments are not covered by insurance. I can’t even tell you how many hospitals and doctors told me I was crazy. All of my […]

Biological Dentistry for Lyme with Dr. Solis

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Dr. Karla Solis a Holistic or Biological Dentist This episode of the Heal Podcast covers biological dentistry with Dr. Karla Solis. The health of your teeth directly correlates with the health of the whole body because of the teeth’s direct access to the bloodstream. After learning this fifteen years ago, I realized how important it […]