Lyme Through a Psychiatric Lense with Dr. Trachman

Lyme focused psychiatrist Susan B Trachman

Dr. Susan B Trachman, Clinical Psychiatrist and Author Susan B. Trachman, MD, is a practicing psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience who is passionate about exploring medically unexplained illnesses through the lens of psychiatry. We dive into how unexplained illnesses such as Lyme affect the psychiatric world. Dr. Trachman shares her research and works […]

2021 Rewind: The Best Lyme Podcast Episodes

lyme podcast guests

2021 was a tough year for businesses and entrepreneurs but it was also a time where you could step back create, reassess and pivot your ideas into a success. A tough year but it molded us into stronger and more resilient and badass businesswomen. Explore more stories of Lyme warriors and experts Whole Body Nutrition […]

How to Get Your Body Moving Even When You’re Not Feeling Well

Santa Monica Beach Bike Path Image

I used to go to spin and pilates classes or do some exercise almost every day. I loved moving my body and getting that hour to myself. With Lyme, it all changed. At the height of my Lyme, my body was in so much pain I couldn’t fathom exercising, let alone just getting out of […]

Clearing Emotional Traumato Finally Start Healing Your Lyme with Arnoux Goran

Arnoux Goran Image

Arnoux Goran, Founder at Total Health Mastery Has your healing journey plateaued? In our society, we are trained to believe a pill or a procedure will quickly make us better. Western medicine addresses the symptoms but not the root cause. Did you know the root cause of many chronic illnesses can be an emotional factor? […]

How Magnets Can Help Heal Your Lyme

Durazo Headshot Image

Moses Durazo is a Medical Biomagnetic Pair Specialist Bio Magnetic Therapy is something I learned about from a fellow Lyme warrior a few years ago, and she swears this is how she healed herself. I did not know much about magnet therapy, so I started researching. There are not many practitioners, but then I found […]

Why You Need a Lyme Health Advocate

Daisy White Image

Daisy is a Lyme Health Advocate Today we have Daisy White. And she’s a health advocate and has been dedicated to health her entire life. She’s certified in autonomic response testing by the Klinghardt Academy and also a certified health specialist and certified natural health professional through the Trinity School of Natural Health. Daisy has […]

Ans Gibson: Lyme Disease, A Blessing in Disguise

Ans Gibson Image

Everybody writes their own story. However, sometimes the beginning of the story is written for us before we learn how to take back our power. My journey started with an intense battle with debilitating Lyme disease, which lasted nearly a decade. This struggle, which is now a tiny mirage in my rear-view mirror, has become […]

Peptide Therapy: The Go-To Therapy for Chronic Lyme

Peptide Bond Image

I recently added Peptide Therapy as a treatment for my chronic Lyme. In three of my podcasts, Dr. Rawls, Dr. Desylvia, and Dr. Holtorf all talk about how peptide therapy has become a staple treatment to combat Lyme Disease. The FDA has approved many peptides to help with various diseases, and they are deemed safe […]

Lorraine Johnson: Lyme Warrior and CEO of LymeDisease.Org

Lorraine Johnson Image

Lorraine Johnson is the CEO and President of Lorraine Johnson is the CEO and president of LymeDisease.Org, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing awareness and finding a cure for Lyme disease. LymeDisease.Org is one of the largest and most trusted Lyme disease patient communication network known for its extensive collection of articles, research, and […]

Meredith Faucette: Lyme Warrior and Founder of the Nantucket Lyme Foundation

Meredith Faucette Image

Meredith Faucette, Founder of Nantucett Lyme Foundation After mysteriously falling ill on Nantucket in 2016, Meredith Faucette spent four years searching to explain her debilitating symptoms. Her lab results returned repeated false negatives for Lyme disease at the best hospitals in Boston until she was officially diagnosed with chronic Lyme and numerous co-infections in 2020. […]



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