Gestational Lyme: Why Is It Such A Controversial Topic?

Mother and Baby Image

Can Lyme Be Passed From Mother to Fetus?  Gestational Lyme is a controversial topic that has gained some popularity in recent time as more research and science come out about Lyme disease’s makeup. Many pregnant Lyme warriors and mothers have shared their stories of how their children have tested positive with the same strain of […]

The Elusive Science of Lyme Disease

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Science offers tantalizing hints about what might be the issues with our understanding of Lyme disease. There is a fair amount of genetic variation in the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. There are several species globally that lead to different manifestations of symptoms. And among the species, there are multiple strains that have their own […]

Prevent Lyme-Causing Tick Bites From Expert Dan Wolff

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Prevention and awareness about ticks and Lyme disease is key and not discussed enough. Tick bites are insidious because you might not feel yourself being bitten due to a secretion the ticks release – this means you could have a tick latched on to you for hours before noticing! This past week on the Heal […]

Preventing Tick Bites and Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe with Expert Tick Man Dan

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Dan Wolff, Founder of TickEase Inc Welcome to the Heal Podcast, for all things related to Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses. I’m Mimi MacLean, mom of five, Founder of Lyme 360, and a Lyme warrior. Tune in each week to hear from doctors, health practitioners and experts to hear about their treatments, struggles and […]

What Is Brain Fog? And Why Do So Many Lyme Warriors Suffer From It?

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I often find myself forgetting conversations, leaving a place before completing my errand and losing the words I was about to say. Have you had similar experiences? What we are experiencing is called brain fog – a condition in which people experience a sort of mental confusion and cognitive decline due to a multitude of […]

Managing Chronic Pain as a Lyme Warrior

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Pain management can feel like an uphill battle for anyone battling with a chronic condition. At times it feels like a breeze and other times there seems to be no solution to the pain. A recurring guest on the Heal podcast, expert in Lyme disease, and Lyme warrior himself – Dr. Rawls goes into his […]

How to Start Healing Your Lyme Now with Dr. Bill Rawls

Bill Rawls Image

Dr. Bill Rawls, Founder of Vitalplan Dr. Rawls was on the Heal Podcast earlier in the year, so I’m so excited to have him back again now. He is a Lyme doctor who truly feels your pain because he also has had Lyme and has recovered from it. He had pretty much had every Lyme […]

The Methylation Pathway with Dr. Amy Yasko

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Dr. Amy Yasko, Owner of Holistic Health International Today we have Dr. Amy Yasko and she’s the owner of Holistic Health International, which is based on her protocol, the Yasko protocol, which dives into the methylation cycle. And, she believes that this personal based approach helps a multiple range of health conditions, including chronic Lyme […]



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