Why Healing Lyme Has to Include a Mind, Body, and Soul Approach with Dr. Arseneau

Dr. Christine Arseneau, Founder of Lyme Support Dr. Christine Arseneau believes that you must address the mind, body, and soul to truly heal from chronic Lyme disease. She overcame a lifetime of Lyme disease through her “out of the box” thinking and she now applies her approach to help clients heal and live their most […]

The Mental Toll of Lyme Disease

lyme disease mental toll

The Mental Toll of Lyme Disease Lyme Disease is an infection caused by a tick bite. The condition may start to manifest as a fever, strong and persistent headache, a rash, and unexplainable fatigue. If not treated early, it can result in the infection spreading throughout the body affecting the heart, joints, and nervous system. Those […]

Intuitive Healer Katie Beecher Rejoins To Talk About Her New Book

intuitive healer Katie Beecher

Katie Beecher, Author of Heal from Within and Spiritual Inuitive Katie Beecher is a spiritual intuitive, counselor, and author who the likes of Goop and Poosh have published. She was also one of my initial guests when I began the Lyme360+ podcast! I am thrilled to have Katie back on to talk about her new […]

Reiki for Lyme Warriors with Healing Specialist Bianca Crino

reiki for lyme specialist

Bianca Crino, Reiki Specialist and Health Coach Reiki is a powerful tool for Lyme warriors and others suffering from chronic illnesses. It is a way to tap into our inner child and trauma in order to reconcile with our emotions and allow our bodies to heal. This week, Bianca Crino, a Polish Reiki practitioner, health […]

Emotional Healing for Lyme with Mollie Lowery

lyme warrior series with Mollie

Mollie Lowery, Energetic Healer & Lyme Warrior Emotional and energy healing is a critical component for those with Lyme disease, and it is also one often pushed to the side or not ever addressed. Mollie Lowery is a Lyme warrior and Healer who works with clients on this exact component of energetic healing. She lived […]

Brain Retraining for Lyme with Lindsay Mitchell

brain retraining for lyme expert

Lindsay Mitchell, Vital Side Founder Your brain, mindset, and nervous system play a large role in the healing process of Chronic Lyme. Lindsay Mitchell, founder of Vital Side and Lyme warrior, used brain retraining to regain her health. The virtual programs provide a modern approach to finding solutions to limbic system impairment – key techniques […]

How Energy Healing Helped Actress Christa Nannos with Her Lyme

Christa Nannos, Lyme Warrior, Actress and Author of Tick Tock Lyme O’Clock Healing takes time and the timeline to get better is different for everyone – it took 10 years for her to receive a proper Lyme diagnosis and over 20 specialists to get on a healing path. As an actress in LA whose life […]

Use Your Mind to Heal Your Mold and Lyme

Use Your mind to Heal from mold and lyme author

Dr. Diane Mueller, Founder of My Lyme Doc Dr. Diane Mueller believes there needs to be a holistic mind and body approach to heal from Lyme. This belief led her to start My Lyme Doc (formerly known as Medicine with Heart Institute and Training School) an institute that focuses on healing chronically ill patients as […]

Emotional Baggage & Healing from Lyme with Amy Scher

Amy Scher Image

Amy Scher, Award-winning Author and Lyme Warrior Emotional Baggage – Release It and Free Yourself Of Pain  If you still are not getting better, have you dealt with your emotional baggage? Many are afraid to address the emotional battle they face every day but releasing the emotional baggage allows you to remove the pain. This […]

Mental Health and Lyme with Dr. Jane Marke

Mental health doctor Jane Marke MD

Dr. Jane Marke, a Holistic Psychiatrist The Connection Between Mental Health and Lyme Disease Mental health and Lyme disease go hand in hand yet are not often addressed in the healing process.  Not only does Lyme cause a variety of mental illnesses, but the loneliness experienced within the Lyme community exacerbates them. Today we have […]



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