Must Watch Lyme Films

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The Lates Lyme Film You Need To See: The Monster Inside Me The Monster Inside Me is a powerful full-length feature film that goes in-depth about Lyme Disease, its effects on everyday people, and their hard-fought relationships. There are more films about Lyme Disease, but The Monster Inside Me aims to go deeper than how […]

Lyme Books You Need To Read!

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Here are my current top 3 Lyme Book MUST READS: We recently had the privilege to interview three authors Mary Beth Pfieffer’s Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change Mary Beth Pfieffer is one of the leading investigative journalists in the US on Lyme and the author of Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change, […]

Symptoms & What You Need To Know About Lyme

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A Short, Non-Exhaustive Guide to Lyme Symptoms Lyme disease is a multi-systemic illness. Lyme symptoms vary greatly depending on the stage of Lyme Disease and can manifest in many ways. Lyme Disease Symptoms are different for everyone because each person’s immune system reacts differently to it. Lyme patients need to know their symptoms to find […]

Lyme Disease, The Perfect Storm

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Lyme disease is not just Lyme Lyme disease is the perfect storm. I am not a doctor, but after years of research, hundreds of doctor appointments, talking to countless doctors and Lyme patients, and from my own experience, I believe if you are not getting better from Lyme, there are several things you need to […]

Syphilis and Lyme: The Unspoken Relationship

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Did You Know That Lyme Is Related To Syphilis? It is a fact that no one talks about.  However, I think it is essential to highlight because we can learn a great deal about the similarities between the diseases. Lyme is caused by a spirochete bacteria transmitted by black-legged deer ticks. The corkscrew-shaped bacteria, Borrelia […]

Bit By A Tick and It’s Attached, Now What?

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So you found a tick on you now what do you do? As much as you want to panic because they are ugly-looking critters. Don’t. First, is it attached? If the answer is no, and the tick is still moving around and not engorged, remove it, and you don’t have to worry. Only if the […]

Chronic: The Hidden Cause of the Autoimmune Pandemic

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About The Authors Dana Parish, a Sony singer/songwriter/advocate, joined forces with her Lyme doctor DR. Steven Phillips to write Chronic: The Hidden Cause of the Autoimmune Pandemic and How to Get Healthy Again. Parish went from doctor to doctor looking for a cure.  After almost dying from heart failure, she was lucky enough to find […]

Gestational Lyme: Why Is It Such A Controversial Topic?

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Can Lyme Be Passed From Mother to Fetus?  Gestational Lyme is a controversial topic that has gained some popularity in recent time as more research and science come out about Lyme disease’s makeup. Many pregnant Lyme warriors and mothers have shared their stories of how their children have tested positive with the same strain of […]

The Elusive Science of Lyme Disease

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Science offers tantalizing hints about what might be the issues with our understanding of Lyme disease. There is a fair amount of genetic variation in the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. There are several species globally that lead to different manifestations of symptoms. And among the species, there are multiple strains that have their own […]

Prevent Lyme-Causing Tick Bites From Expert Dan Wolff

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Prevention and awareness about ticks and Lyme disease is key and not discussed enough. Tick bites are insidious because you might not feel yourself being bitten due to a secretion the ticks release – this means you could have a tick latched on to you for hours before noticing! This past week on the Heal […]



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