Lyme Advocacy Through Campaigning with Ali Moresco

lyme advocacy expert Ali Moresco

Ali Moresco, Co-Founder of Advocacy Express Lyme advocacy is essential to raising awareness, securing funding for research, and boosting community support. This week on the Heal Podcast, Ali Moresco joined us to talk about her Lyme journey, the importance of advocacy, and speaking out against government underfunding. She is the co-founder of @advocacyexpress as well […]

Innovative Products for Lyme with Mighty Well Founder

Emily Levy, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Mighty Well Innovating for the Lyme Community Emily Levy found that taking care of her PICC line and living a normal college life was a difficult combo when the line was getting caught on various things throughout her day. Her background in fashion and attentive nature inspired […]

Delicious Food and Healing from Lyme with Traci Weintraub

Gracefully Fed founder Traci Weintraub

Traci Weintraub is a Cook, Author, and Lyme Warrior She Started A Soup Company To Heal Her Lyme  Traci Weintraub is a cook, author, and Lyme warrior whose diagnosis and battle with Lyme inspired her to build an immuno-supportive lifestyle that is just as delicious as nutritious. She created Gracefully Fed to spread her recipes […]

The Financial Impact of Lyme with Jessica Snajder

Financial Impact of Lyme with Jessica's Family

Jessica Snajder, Founder Partner in Lyme Fighting the Financial Impact of Lyme Struggling to cover the financial impact of Lyme disease? This week on the Heal Podcast, Jessica Snajder talked to us about her foundation Partner in Lyme and how her family’s personal battle with Lyme inspired her to find a way to help others […]

Covering the Cost of Lyme

Carrie Perry, President of Sam’s Spoon Welcome back to the Heal podcast. This is Mimi and today we have Carrie Perry and she’s the president of Sam’s Spoon. Sam Spoon’s foundation was created in 2018 to help defray the out-of-pocket expenses incurred by families affected by chronic medical conditions from Lyme disease and co-infections. Carrie […]

Raising Awareness About Lyme Through Film with LymeTV Founder Adina Bercowicz

Syphilis and Lyme Warrior Adina

Adina Bercowicz, Founder of LymeTV Today, we have Adina Bercowicz and she is the founder of LymeTV, a nonprofit organization focused on educating the global community on Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases. They focus on prevention and early detection awareness through film and video documentaries. Adina was inspired to create LymeTV after going through […]

Lyme Charities for Financial Assistance

Joined Hands Image

Anyone with Lyme knows that not many treatments or tests are covered by insurance, and Lyme treatments are expensive!!  Lyme’s financial costs result in many patients receiving the treatment they need to get better to the point where suicide rates among Lyme patients are something we need to acknowledge.  In addition, financial hardship causes many […]

Don’t Miss The Touched By Lyme’s Virtual Lyme Fly-In

Center for Lyme Action Image

Lyme Warriors, we need you!  It is no secret that government funding for Lyme disease awareness and treatment is incredibly low and causes incredible resistance for people suffering from the illness with little to no insurance coverage, rejection from western medicine, and overall misunderstanding from those around. This past year, Lyme advocates and the Center […]

Biggest Lyme Initiative Ever: Lyme X

Lyme Innovation Accelerator Image

At the LymeMind conference, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation announced that they partnered together to launch the largest Lyme initiative ever, the LymeX Innovative Accelerator (LYME X). Private and public funding has dedicated $25 million to this initiative. The Lyme X mission is to strategically […]



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