Hyperbaric Treatment for Lyme with Sam Lesch

hyperbaric treatment for lyme with sammy lesch picture

Sam Lesch, Lyme Warrior, and College Student Sam Lesch’s Lyme journey started in her senior year of high school; for her, this was three years ago. She first started with strep throat, and then when she was at a seminar with her dad in New Jersey, she felt pain in her leg, but she thought […]

Hyperbaric Treatment with Lyme Warrior Carly Taylor

hyperbaric treatment patient Carley

Hyperbaric Treatment and Her Lyme Journey Carly Taylor is a Lyme warrior, and she has a blog that helps fellow warriors on their Lyme journey. In 2016, Carly was having a lot of flare-ups and was having different health issues. She went to different doctors but no one could tell her what was wrong, so […]

Chronic Lyme Warrior, Nora Claire on Parasite Cleansing

chronic Lyme warrior nora claire

Nora Claire is a chronic Lyme warrior, and she shared how she has been treating her Lyme. Nora was diagnosed four to five years ago and from the beginning, her treatments have not been based off western-medicine. She does different treatments to help treat Lyme and has done milk cleanses, parasite cleanses, IV treatments, and […]

Lyme in the Military with Jenn Hyla

Lyme in the Military and Her New Book Jenn Hyla is a Lyme warrior, author, and coach. She wrote The Lyme Ease Survival Guidebook, which is made to help readers navigate Lyme disease with helpful resources and treatments. Jenn’s Lyme disease journey started in 2011 while she was on deployment for the airforce at basic […]

Intuitive Healer Katie Beecher Rejoins To Talk About Her New Book

intuitive healer Katie Beecher

Katie Beecher, Author of Heal from Within and Spiritual Inuitive Katie Beecher is a spiritual intuitive, counselor, and author who the likes of Goop and Poosh have published. She was also one of my initial guests when I began the Lyme360+ podcast! I am thrilled to have Katie back on to talk about her new […]

LDN Treatment for Lyme with Debbie Goldberg

LDN treatment recipient

LDN Treatment for Lyme , Acupuncture, and Other Treatments That Worked for Her Debbie Goldberg is a Lyme Warrior, and she is excited to share with others how she navigates her journey as a busy mom with Lyme disease. Her first symptoms started about six years ago, in May 2014, around memorial day weekend. About […]

Battling Lyme and Co-Infections While in College with Madi Peters

lyme and co-infections warrior madi

Madi Peters, Naturopath Student and Lyme Warrior Madi Peters joined our Lyme Warrior IG Live series to discuss her journey with Lyme and mold illness. She is a twenty-year-old naturopathic student from Canada whose journey inspired her to get certified and help others in the chronic illness community. Her symptoms began at 16 with debilitating […]

Lyme Warrior Maria Mooney Shares Her Story

lyme warrior maria mooney

Maria Mooney, Lyme Warrior Lyme warrior, social worker, and marketing expert Maria Mooney joined our IG Live series to share her Lyme journey. Maria spent much of her life dealing with undiagnosed symptoms and, after 13 years at the age of 31, was finally diagnosed with Chronic Lyme and began her healing journey. Her pains […]

Transformational Lyme Coach and Warrior Jake Mayers

Transformational Lyme Coach and Warrior Jake Mayers

 Jake Mayers, Transformational Lyme Coach  Did you miss our IG Live earlier this week with Jake? (FULL IGTV HERE)⁠⁠I sat down with Jake to share his Lyme journey, how he got himself to feel better and reclaim his life, and his new exciting coaching plan.⁠ He specializes in coaching men through Lyme, mold, and co-infections. […]

Emotional Healing for Lyme with Mollie Lowery

lyme warrior series with Mollie

Mollie Lowery, Energetic Healer & Lyme Warrior Emotional and energy healing is a critical component for those with Lyme disease, and it is also one often pushed to the side or not ever addressed. Mollie Lowery is a Lyme warrior and Healer who works with clients on this exact component of energetic healing. She lived […]



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