EMF Hazards Summit for Lyme Warriors

emf hazards summit banner

Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G cell towers, “smart” meters, global satellites… You ARE already overexposed. Learn precisely how to PROTECT yourself & your family from these dangers! The 4-day digital event consists of 18 world-class experts in the field of EMF who are sharing their inside secrets, tactics, and strategies on safeguarding your entire household from the […]

Healing and Consciousness Summit for Lyme Warriors

lyme warrior summit banner

Lyme Warriors! Discover & experience the tools of mind-body medicine [masterclass + mastery sessions] Lyme warriors! I have a new FREE and ONLINE summit about harnessing energy and consciousness to promote healing within our bodies! Despite so many medical advances, we live in a time with more chronic conditions than ever before… And we’re experiencing […]

Bartonella Webinar with Lyme Expert Dr. Burrascano

Bartonella Webinar Banner

Bartonella: Examining the Common Lyme Co-Infection with Expert, Dr. Burrascano I wanted to share an exciting webinar next week with Dr. Burrascano and Project Lyme. He will talk about Bartonella and how we can be more educated on this common Lyme co-infection, diagnosis, and treatment. Dr. Joseph Burrascano, an internationally recognized expert on Lyme and […]

A Low Histamine Diet for Lyme Warriors

low histamine diet banner

The Benefits, Recipes to Try and a FREE E-Book Guide! At first, a low-histamine diet may seem restrictive, but don’t lose hope… You don’t have to sacrifice flavor for better health! Learn how to start implementing a low-histamine diet today! —>>Download your complimentary Low Histamine Diet Starter Kit! Mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) is a […]

Mast Cell Activation Summit for Lyme Warriors

mast cell activation summit banner

Why Mast Cell Syndrome Affects So Many Chronic Lyme Warriors? And What You Can Do About Your Symptoms! Have you been told you are “sensitive” to everything? Always trying to avoid what triggers your symptoms? Unfortunately, most medical community either hasn’t heard of or has no idea how to diagnose or treat MCAS. Many patients […]

Lyme Warriors Need to Know About Chemical Toxicity

chemical toxicity summit

Chemical Toxicity Summit Led By Dr. Jaban Moore Dr. Jaban Moore, was on the Lyme360+ podcast last year and we discussed how to heal from chronic illness, fasting methods, and coffee enemas for detoxing.  He has now has put some excellent work into The Secret Cause of Sickness: Chemical Toxicity Summit, which starts this Monday […]

Have You Thought About EMF and Lyme?

EMF and Lyme summit picture

Educating Yourself on The Impact of EMF on Lyme with the Upcoming Lyme Summit I have learned I am super sensitive to EMF through my Lyme journey.  It is one reason why I was not getting better.  If you have not addressed EMF in your home, I have just the event for you.  With 5G […]

Lyme Fly-In Hosted By Center for Lyme Action

lyme fly in host bonnie crater

Bonnie Crater, Co-Founder of Center for Lyme Action and the Bay Area Lyme Foundation Bonnie Crater is the co-founder of Center for Lyme Action and the Bay Area Lyme Foundation and has been working on building awareness for the Lyme community in Congress. She joined us o the podcast to talk about her upcoming Lyme Fly-in […]

Don’t Miss The Touched By Lyme’s Virtual Lyme Fly-In

Center for Lyme Action Image

Lyme Warriors, we need you!  It is no secret that government funding for Lyme disease awareness and treatment is incredibly low and causes incredible resistance for people suffering from the illness with little to no insurance coverage, rejection from western medicine, and overall misunderstanding from those around. This past year, Lyme advocates and the Center […]



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