Transformational Lyme Coach and Warrior Jake Mayers

Transformational Lyme Coach and Warrior Jake Mayers

 Jake Mayers, Transformational Lyme Coach  Did you miss our IG Live earlier this week with Jake? (FULL IGTV HERE)⁠⁠I sat down with Jake to share his Lyme journey, how he got himself to feel better and reclaim his life, and his new exciting coaching plan.⁠ He specializes in coaching men through Lyme, mold, and co-infections. […]

How Lyme Warrior Julie Yakunich Healed and Helps Others

Julie Yakunich, Integrative Health Coach Lyme warrior Julie Yakunich used her project management training to approach her years of chronic symptoms and pain and now is on the other side of remission from Lyme. She went 5 years undiagnosed and has firsthand experienced healing from a complex chronic disease. She uses her experience in her […]

Taking Control of Your Life To Recover from Lyme with Jolene Hart

taking control with Jolene Hart

Jolene Hart, CHC, Beauty Editor-Turned-Health Coach and Author Taking Control of Your Lifestyle and Making Changes That Can Lead to Healing Stress, nutrition, and an imbalance hormone system can all lead to exacerbated chronic Lyme symptoms – it’s essential to prioritize building a lifestyle that enables you to look and feel your best from the […]

Whole Body Nutrition for Healing Lyme with Georgia Grey

Georgia Grey Headshot

Georgia Grey, Holistic Health Coach Whole Body Healing Nutrition for Lyme Is What Georgia Grey Implemented to Heal Whole Body Healing Nutrition is a holistic nutrition practice teaching people what to eat and how to heal. Sometimes the path to healing is about slowing down, going back to the basics, and focusing on overall wellness. […]

Integrative Health Coach Denise On A Mindset for Lyme

Denise Sultenfuss

Instagram Live Spotlight: Denise Sultenfuss is an integrative health coach that focuses on transforming the mindset and health of women going through medical crises and Lyme. She combines functional health practices with mindset shifts to help patients heal holistically. As a former Lyme warrior, Denise knows firsthand how to eliminate Lyme and live a symptom-free […]

Hyperthermia Treatment with Lyme and Cancer Services Owner Michelle McKeon

Hyperthermia Treatment

Michelle McKeon, Owner Lyme and Cancer Services Welcome back to the Heal Podcast. This is Mimi MacLean from Lyme360. And today, we have Michelle McKeon and she’s the owner and operator of Lyme and Cancer Services. She’s also a certified clinical nutritionist who specializes in tick-borne diseases, hyperthermia treatment, detoxification, gut health, and inflammatory issues. […]

Optimal Nutrition with Lyme Warrior and Cookbook Author Erika Schlick

Erika Schlick paleo author

Erika Schlick is a Paleo Cookbook Author that created Wandering Palate Today we have a returning guest, Erika Schlick. Erika is a Lyme Warrior that used food to heal her Lyme. She is a paleo cookbook author that created Wandering Palate, and has a consulting practice and cooking show called Trail to Health. In today’s […]

Biohacking 101 with Allyssa LaScala

Allyssa LaScala Image

Allyssa Lascala, Health Practitioner and Wellness Blogger This week on the Heal Podcast we spoke with integrative health practitioner and wellness blogger  Allyssa Lascala also known as the Biohacking Bombshell. She focuses on helping people get to the root cause and kickstart their healing journey. She focuses on draining, detoxing, and restoring the body through […]

How Emotions Can Help Uncover the Cause of Chronic Illness

Anna Mintz Image

Anna Mintz a Certified Emotional Eode Practitioner Today’s guest is Anna Mintz. And she’s a certified emotional code practitioner, and the host of a heal show out of San Diego. If you are still struggling with Lyme, and you can’t figure out how to get better. And then you have not tried emotion code work, […]

At-Home Treatments for Lyme with Marcus & Deborah Freudenmann

marcus and deborah freudenmann

Deborah and Marcus Freudenmann, Founders of Truly Heal Marcus Freudenmann and his family went on a year-long expedition worldwide searching for healers and naturopathic clinics who could give them insight into chronic and degenerative diseases. Their journey and experience have taught them to look at the root causes of diseases and treat the root versus […]