New Lyme Movie by Rhisa Parera

lyme movie creator Rhisa Parera

Rhisa Parera, Screenwriter of Your Labs Are Normal If you’re living with Lyme Disease, you know that your labs are never “normal.” You’ve been poked and prodded, tested, and retested. And even though your results always come back “within normal range,” you know that something is wrong.  You’re not alone. In fact, Rhisa Perara has […]

Lyme Disease: Ticks and You Author Shelley Ball

Lyme Disease Ticks and You Author Shelley Ball

Shelley Ball, Chronic Lyme Sufferer and Author of “Lyme Disease, Tick and You” Lyme Disease: Ticks and You – An Essential Read Shelley Ball, a chronic Lyme sufferer and author of “Lyme Disease, Tick and You,” joins us on the Heal Podcast to discuss her experience with this debilitating condition.  She shares some incredible insight […]

Lyme Disease Caregiver Writes A Lyme Book to Help Others

caregiver and wife of Lyme warrior

Nicole Bell is a mom and Successful Entrepreneur Her Family’s Journey to Find the Right Diagnosis  Nicole Danielle Bell’s life was turn upside down when in 2017, her husband received a devastating diagnosis – Lyme disease. His health declined, and Nicole went from engineer to caregiver. Doctor after doctor, she was unsatisfied with their answers, […]

Investigative Journalist Mary Pfeiffer on the Lyme Epidemic

investigative journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer

Mary Beth Pfeiffer, Author of Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change Investigative Journalism and How Climate Change and Lyme Are Connected Since 2012, Mary Beth has become the leading US investigative journalist on the growth of and controversy surrounding Lyme disease. A hidden menace that she argues has been fostered by a warming world […]

Emotional Baggage & Healing from Lyme with Amy Scher

Amy Scher Image

Amy Scher, Award-winning Author and Lyme Warrior Emotional Baggage – Release It and Free Yourself Of Pain  If you still are not getting better, have you dealt with your emotional baggage? Many are afraid to address the emotional battle they face every day but releasing the emotional baggage allows you to remove the pain. This […]

Lyme Awareness Through Art with Playwrite Patricia Cosulich

Lyme awareness playwright Patricia Cosulich

Patricia Cosulich, Founder of The Great Intimidator How Art Can Raise Lyme Awareness Raising Lyme awareness can sometimes be challenging when the process of talking about one’s journey is exhausting – that is where Patricia Cosulich decided to step in and create The Great Intimidator – a documentary theatre-based platform for Lyme warriors to express […]

Uncovering Childhood Mood Disorders with Dr. Kenneth Bock

Dr. Kenneth Bock

Dr. Kenneth Bock, Founder Bock Integrative Medicine Today we have Dr. Kenneth Bock. He’s the author of the new book, Brain Inflamed: Uncovering the Hidden Causes of Anxiety, Depression, and Other Mood Disorders in Adolescents and Teens. This book is about how there could be a root cause of these childhood mood disorders and what […]

From Heart Failure to Co-Author of Chronic, Dana Parish

Dana Parish Photo

Dana Parish, Co-author of Chronic Today we have Dana Parish, and she’s a chart-topping Sony ATV writer and New York City-based science journalist who writes a popular Huffington post column on tick-borne diseases, which is read by over a million people across the globe. Parish was featured on Fox’s Emmy winning special, Lyme and Reason: […]

Optimal Nutrition with Lyme Warrior and Cookbook Author Erika Schlick

Erika Schlick paleo author

Erika Schlick is a Paleo Cookbook Author that created Wandering Palate Today we have a returning guest, Erika Schlick. Erika is a Lyme Warrior that used food to heal her Lyme. She is a paleo cookbook author that created Wandering Palate, and has a consulting practice and cooking show called Trail to Health. In today’s […]



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