Battling Lyme and Co-Infections While in College with Madi Peters

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Madi Peters, Naturopath Student and Lyme Warrior

Madi Peters joined our Lyme Warrior IG Live series to discuss her journey with Lyme and mold illness. She is a twenty-year-old naturopathic student from Canada whose journey inspired her to get certified and help others in the chronic illness community.

Her symptoms began at 16 with debilitating migraines, light sensitivity, and dizziness. After a year of symptoms, Madi found a Lyme-literate doctor in the US who could diagnose her with the I-GenX Lyme test. She met with Dr. McShane in New York to get her onto a combination of oral antibiotics and supplements for two years.

Madi also had to tackle her gut issues due to the antibiotics and her underlying mold illness. She loved on from Dr. McShane and sought treatment in Florida at the Sponaugle Institue of Wellness. The clinic was able to address all the co-infections that kept Madi sick. She was also able to find out she has the genetic markers preventing her from detoxing. Through a port line and IVs, Madi could get back to feeling better and leave Florida. 

Madi’s current schooling in medicine is driving her towards a future in chronic illness treatment and Lyme. 

Her advice for Lyme Warriors & Those Bitten By A Tick

  • Know how to remove a tick properly
  • Take antibiotics if the tick has broken the skin
  • Cut out anything acidic and sugar packed
  • Remove the stress and negative energy out of your life

Listen to the full IG Live interview HERE

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