Ans Gibson: Lyme Disease, A Blessing in Disguise

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Everybody writes their own story. However, sometimes the beginning of the story is written for us before we learn how to take back our power. My journey started with an intense battle with debilitating Lyme disease, which lasted nearly a decade. This struggle, which is now a tiny mirage in my rear-view mirror, has become the biggest blessing to my life. I was a touring musician traveling all over North America. It was an amazing gig that combined my passions for music and travel into one explorative lifestyle. Over five years of touring on and off, I became a dark and no longer happy-go-lucky guy anymore. The Lyme had taken away my enthusiasm for life and stripped away all I had desired and cared about.  

After years of struggling with Lyme, it wasn’t until I changed the lens through which I saw myself that I began to see the circumstances of my well-being change. Because I removed the victim mindset, I was able to take a step back and see I had a lot more control over the situation than I thought I did. For me, this crucial lens shift is what spawned my thoughts toward the regeneration of my health. I learned that our thoughts produce our actions, and our actions will determine the results in our lives. I eventually overcame my dark Lyme existence through a few years of fighting back and reclaiming my health. I almost gave up hope, but thankfully I had a fighting spirit that was able to win the war.

I tell people now that Lyme disease was the biggest blessing in my life. The journey of overcoming the illness has completely reshaped my thinking, and what I have learned has revolutionized my lifestyle. There I was, at the age of 28 years old, completely reborn! At that time, I began to wonder, how could I give back this incredible gift? How can I help other suffering souls in this world? I believe in the droplets-in-a-bucket mindset; we each can do one small thing in our lives to purify our droplets and the few droplets around us until eventually, the whole bucket is pure. That is the exact reason I started writing my book called “How I Defeated Lyme Disease.” I had one goal in mind, and that was to shortcut the suffering of others. I compiled all my research and experimentation and condensed it into an easy to understand the story of exactly what I did to overcome Lyme. The information I write about encompasses the rehabilitation of body, mind, and spirit. Also discussed is the philosophy behind a healing mindset. I branch out beyond the standard Lyme disease narrative and address other hidden disorders that may be preventing recovery. The material even covers other principles needed for success to help the reader better their life systemically rather than just biologically. I wrote, “How I Defeated Lyme Disease” to inspire total transformation and set the reader on their healing and personal growth journey. I am hopeful that anyone that reads this book and takes action by making some of the same approaches that worked for me will also reap the beautiful rewards of healing. 



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