2021 Rewind: The Best Lyme Podcast Episodes

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2021 was a tough year for businesses and entrepreneurs but it was also a time where you could step back create, reassess and pivot your ideas into a success. A tough year but it molded us into stronger and more resilient and badass businesswomen.

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Georgia Grey HeadshotWhole Body Nutrition with Georgia Grey
Sometimes the path to healing is about slowing down, going back to the basics, and focusing on overall wellness. Georgia Grey is the perfect example of how sometimes even a healthy diet and wellness-based lifestyle can’t fully heal you until you slow down. After years of symptoms, she was diagnosed with Lyme and celiac disease, yet her healthy lifestyle could not erase the brain fog, joint pain, and swollen limbs. Her journey with Lyme inspired her to reconsider her daily habits and focus on her overall nutritional balance. READ MORE >>>

Dana Parish PhotoFrom Heart Failure to Co-Authoring Chronic
Dana Parish is a chart-topping Sony ATV writer and New York City-based science journalist who writes a popular Huffington post column on tick-borne diseases, which is read by over a million people across the globe. After contracting a serious case of Lyme and Bartonella in 2014, which was misdiagnosed by a dozen doctors, leading to heart failure, Dana was determined to help change the status quo. She’s the co-author of Chronic, a book focused on exposing the truth of the infectious causes of chronic psychiatric and auto-immune illnesses with the world.

oz garciaAnti-Aging Expert Oz Garcia on How Wellness Routine
Anti-Aging Expert and Celebrity Nutritionist Oz Garcia give us his daily routine and gadgets he uses to bio-hack his health and optimize his brain. These hacks are handy for chronic Lyme patients who want to improve their sleep, overall wellness, lung capacity, and lower adrenal fatigue. READ MORE >>>


Chronic Book Image Chronic: The Hidden Cause of the Autoimmune Pandemic
For those of you suffering from Lyme or other chronic conditions, this book is a must-read. You no longer will feel like you are alone or going crazy. Chronic used science to confirm what we are feeling and living each day is real! These two outstanding individuals whose lives were seriously impacted by Lyme have become advocates for all the chronically ill. They are here to help change the understanding and narrative of this disease. READ MORE >>>

Lyme Disease Caregiver Writes Book with Hope It Raises Awareness and Helps Others
Nicole Danielle Bell’s life was turned upside down when in 2017, her husband received a devastating diagnosis – Lyme disease. His health declined, and Nicole went from engineer to caregiver. Doctor after doctor, she was unsatisfied with their answers, so she set out to find them on her own. Nicole decided to document the process to help others. Her book, What Lurks in the Woods, launches October 23rd and serves as a memoir of her journey to discover the root cause of her husband’s illness. She hopes that the more people read and hear about Chronic Lyme and why finding the root of the problem is essential. READ MORE >>>



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