2021 Rewind: Best Lyme Blogs

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Our Top Lyme Blogs of the Year

2021 was a challenging year for many of us, with the COVID pandemic not only isolating us from our communities and loved ones but adding a worry for those of us already immunocompromised. However, I am constantly overwhelmed by how much love and support there is in the Lyme community. I am incredibly proud of the platform we have built with Lyme360 to share the stories and work of Lyme warriors, doctors, and researchers.   Thank you to all the followers and listeners of the podcast.  I always love hearing from you.  

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To end the year, we wanted to reflect on some of our top blogs of 2021, which are listed below.  

Explore the Stories of Lyme Warriors and Experts

delicious food recipesIntermittent Fasting for Lyme Disease
Intermittent fasting is a natural detoxification and ancient healing practice that has yielded results for Chronic Lyme patients. When you are looking to heal from Lyme, what you eat is critical but so is when you eat it! When the body goes through a fasting period (minimum of 12 hours), it enters into a state of improved cognition, digestion, and energy use. Your body has burnt through the glycogen stores and is now using fatty acids to create energy. READ MORE >>>

Top Three Books Everyone NEEDS To Readinvestigative journalism book about lyme disease
My current top books everyone from Lyme warrior to supporter needs to read to better understand the experiences of those fighting chronic Lyme and the science behind tick-borne illnesses. READ MORE>>>
Healing Your Gut Should Be #1
Your gut health is the key to your overall health. As Dr. Tom O’Bryan says, “if there is only one thing you are going to do to be as healthy as possible, focus on creating an anti-inflammatory environment in your gut.” With 80% of our immunity in our gut, your health suffers when your microbiome is out of balance. I like to think of our bodies as boiling pots and can only handle so much toxic stress before boiling over. We are increasingly exposed to high levels of toxicity through our environment, emotional stress, and food. It may seem overwhelming, and you might be wondering where do I even begin? I wanted to share with you what I have learned and tips from experts on the Heal Podcast.
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How Mold Can Affect Your Lyme
Mold is a type of fungus that grows, spreads, and releases tiny spores into the air. Some of the spores land and continue to spread the mold, while others stay in the air until we breathe them in. Exposure to mold can compromise the respiratory and immune systems, and cause widespread inflammation. Those with chronic illnesses are more likely to develop severe symptoms due to their weakened immune systems. READ MORE >>>



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